Free Breathing

The vibration vest for loosening secretions – Made in Germany

VibraVestTM works on the principle of “High Frequency Chest Wall Oscillation”, also called HFCWO. A series of small, battery-operated motors, which vibrate vertically on the patient’s chest wall and back, reduce the viscosity of the secretion and support the patient in mobilizing and coughing up the secretion. At the same time, blood circulation and lymph flow are promoted. All of this is done without a cable, hose or wire to an external device. The user can therefore maintain mobility during therapy, which in most cases leads to increased compliance.

In addition, the secretolysis with VibraVestTM works without compression on the chest. Pneumatically compressing the chest is usually uncomfortable for the user. VibraVestTM is available in 6 different sizes for children and adults.