The respiratory Early Warning System

Whether in intensive care, emergency treatment, in the recovery room or in other clinical areas, it is of the utmost importance, always and everywhere, to recognize respiratory situations that can lead to patient risk as quickly as possible. Parameters that lag behind breathing, such as oxygen saturation, are only suitable to a limited extent as they tend to result in a delayed alarm.

The ExSpiron®1Xi – monitor analyzes the patient’s breathing in real time through continuous, non-invasive and direct measurement of the minute ventilation based on the bioelectrical impedance. The alarm gives early and reliable warnings of serious consequences without any time delay. The medical staff always has a full overview of the patient’s respiratory condition. The patient is easily and conveniently connected to the ExSpiron®1Xi with adhesive electrodes.

ExSpiron®1Xi, a new dimension of monitoring:

  • Continuous real time monitoring of the most important respiratory parameters 
  • Alarming without time delay
  • Non-Invasive
  • High patient comfort
  • CE- and FDA approved