Hifent – High Flow the new NIV

In many cases, the high-flow therapy of patients with insufficient respiratory rates is becoming a gentle, effective and well-accepted alternative to conventional NIV.

One of its many advantages is the lack of a ventilation mask. A pleasantly humidified and warmed air stream is delivered to the patient via an inconspicuous nasal cannula, similar to the oxygen therapy. Bad feelings, such as claustrophobia and subjective complaints through the ventilation pressure are avoided and the patient can continue his usual lifestyle almost unrestricted under therapy.

Under a high-flow therapy are everyday activities such as eating, drinking, reading, talking on the phone, chatting to relatives and visitors and much more, what makes life worth living, again possible. It is no coincidence that patient acceptance and thus compliance is certainly higher than with the traditional NIV.

RESPIRCARE Hifent High Flow units have a maximum flow range up to 80 liters per minute and two modes to meet the individual needs of both children and adults. The temperature control of the air flow up to 37°C can be adapted to the needs of the patients, with an always 100% relative humidification which makes the therapy a pleasant experience.

If required, the therapy air flow can be enriched with up to 100 percent oxygen and the FiO2 is not only monitored in the device display, but can also be automatically controlled by the Hifent device.

The intuitive user interface makes the application as easy as possible. Important therapy-relevant settings can be blocked for the home area.

Three different Hifent versions are available: two for the clinical area with and without FiO2 automatic control and another for the home area with a large humidifier volume.

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