PLBV – A new Mode for COPD Treatment

A better Life with COPD

For COPD patients and other pulmonary patients, the control of the so-called pursed lip breathing during exhalation is of vital importance. In this type of exhalation, the pressure gradient in the respiratory tract ensures that the lung is actually discharged physiologically correctly and is not over-inflated by collapsing airways.

But what happens to patients whose disease has progressed so far that they are dependent on mechanical ventilation with a constant pressure during the exhalation phase (PEEP / EPAP)? Even though some ventilators available on the market automatically adjust the pressure value of the PEEP, it remains constantly without profile during exhalation. But, just the pressure curve generated by the pursed lip breathing in the exhalation phase is necessary to ensure optimal emptying of the lungs.

The new and patented PLBV® algorithm of the Vigaro® ventilator from FLO Medizintechnik shapes the pressure gradient during exhalation in the same way as the pursed lip breathing.

Patients benefit from efficient exhalation, their respiratory muscles are spared and hyperinflation of the lungs is avoided. PLBV® in cooperation with the 4Q Trigger optimizes the entire respiratory cycle. The number of exacerbations with subsequent necessary hospital stays decreases significantly, which will be of interest to health care providers as well as cost payers.

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